The spring of 2019 I was asked by the Northern Åland Archipelago Congregation to forge a candle holder for the church in Kumlinge as they did not want the traditional candle globe. I visited the church late February after which I went back to my studio and started sketching, two- and three dimensionally.

I started out from the rich ornamentation of the church and transformed it into three dimensional shapes. The candle holder consists of three main bodies, the thickest one is made out of a 40 mm * 40 mm material. It fits 21 candles. It focuses largely on the endings. The bottom plate is shaped like the main island of Kumlinge.


Material: steel

Technique: forging, shrink technique

Dimensions: 1960 mm high, base plate 1000 mm * 650 mm

Year: 2019


LAT: 59° 59.406′ N LON: 020° 20.187′ E