Iron Forging

Iron is such an amazing, malleable and generous material and the art of forging it into art has a long tradition. With me you learn to understand the material under safe guidance. We work with everything from everyday items to jewelry and sculptures.

For me the process and discoveries made along the way are the main goal of the course. I wish to guide you to understand the metal and its possibilities. Iron is a solid material but at the right temperature you can stretch it, cut it and wring it into whatever shape you want- thin and delicate or robust and stable.

Your challenge

It takes presence and focus, attention to details and connecting the right side of your brain with your hands. Forging is not a quick process, maybe the very act of slowing down is something we actually desire in a world that keeps speeding up…

Course content

I have been giving courses in iron forging since 2004. They are individually adapted and therefor suitable to both beginners and to the more experienced. We work on both smaller and bigger objects, from jewelry to utensils and sculptures. We forge items in steel with a higher carbon content into knives and other egged tools. You get to learn traditional techniques such as cleaving, mauling with sledgehammers and merging the material by riveting or using other techniques. You will work with both assignments and individual projects, learning the basics of iron forging; temperature, techniques and tools.

Join me for a course in iron forging!  

For customized workshop or course for you or your group, contact me for quotation. The courses are arranged in the Maritime Quarter in Mariehamn, in Kökar forge or forge at Lappo.


When attending my courses you have the opportunity to buy the books Nya järnsmidesboken and Klassiskt järnsmide. The first one is also available in English. These books make great course material since they provide a detailed explanation of the basic of iron forging for the beginner and more advanced techniques for the more experienced participator. Techniques, materials and tools are illustrated for clarity and understanding.
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