Camisole from the French Camisole de force and the old Swede’s camisole, straitjacket.


”I am working on a dress. It has been worn by a mother and her unborn child. The dress has been made shorter and the sleeves have been taken off. New sleeves are sewn with the silk left over from the skirt and decorated with lace. The décolletage has been crocheted, making it tight around the neck. The throat feels tight. The sleeves are growing longer and longer. They flow and twirl and get entangled in the dress. Is it a nice movement? Is it constraining and claustrophobic?”

The #METOO movement in 2017 showed that a lot of women are victims of violation and abuse. Where is the limit? When does the otherwise important and nurturing touch become unpleasant? When does it become a tool for perpetrators? How do we know when it’s a touch of love? Do we need to experience the darker side of life? At what price?

”The pleasure in touching and being touched in mutual consent and shared pleasure. Falling asleep in the safety of someones arms. Waking up close. In peace and quiet. Gentle caresses on the skin. I am there!”

Kamisol was first shown in the Åland Museum of Art in December 2018.


Material: textile

Year: 2018

LAT: 59° 59.406′ N LON: 020° 20.187′ E