Join me in the fascinating world of clay. We work with models, challenging the right side of the brain, sculpting the clay into three dimensional shapes.

The world is three dimensional and that is how it has been interpreted for thousands of years. The clay allows you to play and experiment, in abstract and concrete ways. I guide you through your own process and help you find your own expression at your own pace.


It takes a a lot of concentration and the work is intense. The process, the journey, is the most important thing – the discoveries we make along the way and the collaboration between our hands and our eyes. You learn the clay, its conditions and possibilities, and at the same time you get to practice the cooperation of the right side of your brain with the senses of your eyes and hands.


We work with models, looking for volume, direction, spaces, and create what we see. The groups are small enough for everyone to get there space. The work is pursued individually and in a group and is therefor also suitable for you who have not yet tried sculpting.

For customized workshop or course for you or your group, contact me for quotation. Madborgarinstitutets clay sculpture course with me as supervisor on the weekend of 3-5.4 has a few places left. For registration call 018-531620 or the web registration
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