Anna Sundblom-Westerlund

From feather-light acid etchings to hundreds of kilos of cast iron in heavy sculptures. Fragments of thoughts and events built together or taken apart in smaller components. What you think you see turns out to be something else. In my work I often start out with human experiences and interpret them three dimensionally. Since early 2000 I have done various exhibitions around the Nordics – on the Aland islands, in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia.

Photo Hülya Tokur Ehres
Vår dygnet runt, året runt utsikt

My place, my inspiration, my life

I live and work on the island of Föglö in the Alandic archipelago. Here are my roots and now also my studio, our home and paradise. I have the sea, the birds and the nature all around me. The sound of the ocean follows me – on calm, quiet days I live with the silence as my companion.

Courses and workshops

For almost 20 years I have been teaching courses in arts and crafting. During my courses I want to provide a creative platform and approach every participator at their individual stage of learning. I want to encourage creativity with focus and energy – in a safe and attentive environment.

My passion is to be a part of a persons first meeting with the material, open up new worlds to them and give them the opportunity to express themselves with their hands and their minds. The process is just as important, if not more important, than the result itself.

My driving force is to take part in people’s encounters with the material, open new worlds to them and give them the opportunity to express themselves with their hand and mind as tools. The process is as important, if not more important, than the result.

Iron Forging

Iron is such an amazing, malleable and generous material and the art of forging it into art has a long tradition. With me you learn



Join me in the fascinating world of clay. We work with models, challenging the right side of the brain, sculpting the clay into three dimensional



Croquis is a fantastic tool to practice hand-eye-coordination, sort of like cardio training for the artist. Croquis is french and means ”quick drawing” or ”quick


Tailor made courses and workshops


Are you interested in corporate events, adding something to a bachelor or bachelorette party or arranging a different activity with friends or family? I offer courses in iron forging, metal crafts, clay sculpting and croquis sketching for all ages. The activities can be held both indoors and outdoors.

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