Smashed Revolver: The Non-Violence Microphone

Smashed Revolver: The Non-Violence Microphone is a microphone sculpted by Anna Sundblom-Westerlund, then cast in bronze. The project is an artistic collaboration with the Egyptian musician Ramy Essam, born in 1987 in Mansoura. During the Arab Spring of 2011, Ramy became known as the soundtrack of the revolution when he got hundreds of thousands of […]

Slava Ukraini

On February 20, 2022, I shot holes in copper sheet to make a perforated bowl, a project I have been working on for a long time. On February 24, 2022, Ukraine was invaded. Instead of making a bowl, I sawed out Ukraine’s land border. The copper plate rests on parts of the United Nations Convention […]

Stair railing

For the large warehouse in Degerby, I have forged a stair railing. The customer was Föglö municipality. In such an environment, it is important to work with a careful hand, and the sketch proposal was approved by the museum agency.   My intention was to have a stable, albeit sleek, handrail with clear ends. The […]

Wall brackets, signs

In close collaboration with the client Carlsro badhotell, I have designed, forged and finished wall brackets for the facades of the spa hotel. The signs have been cut out by Holmbergs AB in Mariehamn. Material: steel Technique: forging Dimensions: 40mm * 8mm flat iron, 1320mm high  


The spring of 2019 I was asked by the Northern Åland Archipelago Congregation to forge a candle holder for the church in Kumlinge as they did not want the traditional candle globe. I visited the church late February after which I went back to my studio and started sketching, two- and three dimensionally. I started […]


Camisole from the French Camisole de force and the old Swede’s camisole, straitjacket.   ”I am working on a dress. It has been worn by a mother and her unborn child. The dress has been made shorter and the sleeves have been taken off. New sleeves are sewn with the silk left over from the […]

Grave ornaments

I do grave ornaments and decorations on request, as an entity or smaller details. Engraved signs in different metals, a sculpture or some detail based on the life and interests of the deceased. Working closely together with the family and based on their family cross from the 1800s I worked up a suggestion for a […]

The hallway furniture Tennis

The hallway furniture Tennis The hallway piece of furniture Tennis was designed for a family of tennis players. When I visited their home I was inspired by the wallpaper in one of the children’s room. To create more possibilities for hanging clothes a lot of the tennis balls bouncing around have been provided with hooks. […]

Poetry ladder

The poetry signs’ trolley pieces and sticks are texts. Five women’s stories of physical and mental violence they are exposed to in close relationships climb on the poetry ladder slides down the floor and climbs up the wall.   Material: steel, metal letters from the casting industry Technique: forging Dimensions: 4300 mm high, 380 mm wide […]


Thin pieces of skin floating in the room. As you move through the installation you make the sculptures move in the wind.   Material: gauze Year: 2012