Since 2002 I have supervised courses in metal arts and crafts and picture and form under private management, in cooperation with colleagues, at Ålands hantverksskola (the handicraft school of Åland), Bild- och formskolan på Åland (The picture and form school of Åland), Medborgarinstitutet in Mariehamn, Åland and within the project Culture in the Archipelago, headed by the Åland government. (Ålands landskapsregering)

Courses and workshops

If you are interested in courses in metal art, metal arts and crafts or picture and form, e.g. croquis or clay sculpturing please contact me so we can customize one or several course occasions for you.

I work with all age groups from children in kindergarten, young people, adults and seniors, and I also arrange company events.

If you wish to brighten up a hen party or a stag party, please get in touch so we can discuss arrangements and activities in the blacksmith’s workshop or elsewhere. The activities can be arranged both outdoors and indoors.


”The fire is sparkling as we step into the dimly lit little smithy in Sjökvarteret in Mariehamn. Ahead of us await, we believe, four days of sweat and muscles screaming with pain after our attempts to form the hard iron. We are completely wrong, it turns out.
Anna Sundblom soon makes us realize that forging isn’t about strength but about the ability to understand how iron behaves during the whole process in the embers and on the anvil. She manages to convey that knowledge with great pedagogical skill.
The course becomes, thanks to Anna, one of the best handicraft courses we have attended!”
Seppo Sarkkinen and Titte Törnroth-Sarkkinen



Clay sculpture

Children’s groups