I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art metal work; metal designing from HDK_Steneby School University of Gothenburg. I am a member of the Union of Finnish Art Associations, Åland art association, Åland Artists and The Swedish Artists’ National Organization KRO.

Exhibitions around the Nordic countries in Åland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia and I have received a large amount of scholarships for my artistic activity. I was the Åland expert representative in the Program of Art and Culture of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2007-2009. I have studied pedagogy at the Teacher Education School in Stockholm (now the Department of education at Stockholm University), Mälardalen University and Upsala University. During the past ten years I have worked as a teacher of picture and form for children, young people and adults at the Åland school of arts and crafts as well as supervised courses within iron forgery and metal crafts.